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Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The mission of İzmir Bakırçay University Faculty of Law, having a high level of justice awareness, mastering the basic institutions and concepts of law, having a rich cultural knowledge and communication skills, using knowledge in line with the universal principles of law, contributing to the science of law on an international axis, with advanced academic claims, could play an active role in the creation process of law and implementation, have the competence to solve legal problems, the country and should be followed closely the needs of the vulnerable population to the world's problems influential in determining the law, the Republic of Turkey 's connected to the basic values ​​of the constitutional democratic, secular, fulfilling the requirements of the social state of law For the traditional legal professions such as judicial-oriented judge, prosecutor by training distinguished lawyers with responsibility, in the public administration or private sector or other professional and academic fields, national or international to work on it, to give them a sufficient formation.


Our Vision

By creating the necessary infrastructure to train competent lawyers and practitioners in its field, by providing the newest technical equipment and the highest quality materials to the service of our academic staff and students, it can contribute significantly to the enlightenment of the society and the scientific world, integrating its knowledge with its ability, working with the aim of continuous progress, development, It has the ideal to create a “School of Law” in time, which has been accredited in every field with its diversity and originality, where the works, researches, researches, researches, researches, researchers, academics and practitioners have announced to our nation and the world through various scientific activities. is to become a science home where generations that have adopted our mission are prepared for the future. Our aim is to train lawyers who are educated with the distinctive and qualified practices of our faculty, who always bear the name of their schools with dignity and pride, who are graduates in all fields of law, who are focused on social integration, who embrace human rights and the values ​​of society and who have ethical values.