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Dear students;

The value of law is indisputable for social development and a more just world. The lawyer is the manifestation of justice, the person who does the job of seeking rights and distributing rights. The main goal of the lawyer with this awareness should be not only to learn the rules of law and principles, but also to learn the essence, spirit and values ​​of the rules of law and to perform his profession accordingly. In this context, our faculty is ready to give our students the necessary support to become lawyers, not law enforcers.


İzmir Bakırçay University Faculty of Law has a curriculum created with a dynamic approach that handles law together with its historical and contemporary dimension. Our main goal is to train qualified lawyers who are equipped with the information age, who love research, have the power to analyze and interpret the law, think critically, follow developments in the world related to law, adhere to their national and moral values. Our students, who prefer our faculty, will have the necessary equipment to reach their goals both in the private sector and in the public sector with the basic and education provided here. Our library with rich resources, which is one of the most important tools to achieve this goal, has been offered to our students.


In our faculty, while our students learn the basic rules and principles of law, they will also be aware of modern and current approaches and will meet the interdisciplinary aspect of law. In addition, they will have information about various topics and related disciplines that are important and important both in the national and international arena, in line with their future preferences.


Our Law school, which prepares our students for the future, is designed as an institution where theory and practice are intertwined. Our students are introduced to the practices of the courts as well as theoretical knowledge, and their definition of living law is aimed. To this end, close cooperation has been established with judicial, administrative and professional organizations in İzmir. It is thought that this approach, in which theory and practice are blended ideally, will also be beneficial for our judicial system.


Law interacts closely with many of the social sciences and disciplines. As a result of this interaction, our students will have the opportunity to train themselves and learn new things, especially in areas such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, and management sciences.


It is among the goals of our faculty to ensure that our students, who are the sine qua non of a quality education in the international arena as well as in the national field, are able to master at least one foreign language. For this purpose, our students will be encouraged to go abroad and learn at least one foreign language and the necessary institutional infrastructure will be prepared for them to reach a better level than their colleagues in this field.


Based on the fact that the importance of technological developments cannot be ignored, we have a technological infrastructure to teach our students the technology required for law and the software required for lawyers and where and how to use them.


If you are dreaming of a faculty that you will learn by competing in Izmir and prepare for the future by putting justice at the center of your life and obtaining the necessary intellectual equipment for the information age, we would also like to see you among our students.